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Hello, I am Partha Bagchi, the Founder President of Stammering Cure Centre®. I am really very happy to have a heart to heart communication with you via this website. I specially thank you from the bottom of my heart for your awareness to overcome stammering and the interest shown towards this Centre. Read this website to remove wrong ideas and to get correct, factual and practical information about stammering and its cure.

After reading this website, your life is going change for the better.

This is not a professional website rather it is a heart-to-heart life-saving communication with me, PARTHA BAGCHI, who also has been humiliated, teased, ignored, uncared for and under-estimated just like you because of severe stammering for over 26 years. I have tried everything everywhere to cure my stammering and failed, but did not give up. Ultimately, I decided to change things for myself and won the battle against stammering with my own efforts. With the motto of “SERVICE TO STAMMERING PERSONS ABOVE SELF”, since over 29 years I have been dedicated wholeheartedly to serve around 5 crore stammering persons of India who are still suffering from lack of confidence, low self esteem, frustration, depression, several hurdles and difficulties and have lost all hope in life due to their stammering. Around 5 crore people in India are suffering from stammering but most of them are brilliant, creative, talented, imaginative and intelligent. Can you imagine the massive wastage of resources for the nation and the whole World?

Are You Depressed, Tensed, Humiliated, Frustrated And Have Lost All Hope In Life Due To Stammering?

Don’t worry! Stammering is not a disease, neither is it by birth nor is it any physical defect. It is purely a psychological and bad habitual problem which is easily curable in just 2 weeks by Partha Bagchi. Unbelievable but true. Over the past 29 years, more than 25,000 people have cured their stammering under my guidance by joining our course. If they can get cured, why not you? No matter how severe or how old the stammering problem, I have the expertise to help you become a fluent and stammering-free speaker. Once you join this course, there is no power on Earth that can stop you from speaking fluently & confidently.

A Unique Achievement By An Indian In The World Of Stammering Cure.



It all started with a dream. My one dream has changed the fate of thousands of stammerers all over the world. After having a dream of setting up a stammering cure institute, I was determined to follow my heart. I discussed with my near and dear ones about my intention of starting a centre for stammering cure by giving up my Chartered Accountancy practice. Everybody discouraged me and told who would take such an “idiotic” decision to leave their sure-shot, established and dignified profession to something unknown and unheard of.

Despite all objections and opposition, I was determined to follow my dream. I set up my dream project STAMMERING CURE CENTRE® on 1st March, 1990 in Kolkata with the blessings of Mother Teresa and my Guruji Swami Vivekananda. In March 1997, I took the bold decision of moving to Bangalore permanently. Over time, the centre expanded its horizon and now it is an international super-speciality institute specializing only in stammering cure. In these 29 years, apart from the Bangalore centre, I have conducted over 50 successful workshops for stammering cure in various cities of India like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin, Ahmedabad, Siliguri, Goa, Agartala and many more places.

It started the journey by curing one person (Partha Bagchi himself) and now it has helped over 29,000 people to get cured from stammering and lead a confident, happy and successful life. Partha Bagchi recalls “I had started the much needed movement in 1990 to make people aware about stammering and that it is easily curable. I am happy that my efforts have inspired so many people to reclaim their lives from stammering”. This centre has had the privilege of transforming the careers of thousands of people to unimaginable heights by helping them cure their stammering. Our students have been in reputed positions like Senior scientist in NASA, Senior Faculty member in Harvard University, Faculty member in Oxford University, Ex-Captain of Indian Cricket Team, Cricketers of Junior Indian Team, Scientist in ISRO,Superstars from the film industry, aspiring Actors.

In 2015, STAMMERING CURE CENTRE® completed its 25 years of making people’s lives stammering-free.
Stammering Cure Centre® has always nurtured your hopes and dreams in life that you had given up due to stammering. We help you get back that hope, optimism and confidence to pursue your dreams and achieve them with your abilities, sheer determination and hard work.


Partha Bagchi is the Founder President and CEO of Stammering Cure Centre®. A Chartered Accountant by qualification and profession, his own horrifying stammering experience of 26 years led him into this field. During these 26 years of suffering, he had tried all possible ways to cure stammering and failed repeatedly. He became depressed and almost gave up hope for a fluent speech and a confident life. Then, he decided to take matters into his own hands and gathered up the courage to try for one last time. Based on his knowledge and experience of stammering, Partha Bagchi developed his own set of practices and techniques that miraculously cured his longstanding stammering of 26 years.

But still his happiness at being cured from stammering seemed incomplete. His mind was saddened thinking about the dark and doomed future of millions of people who were still suffering through their stammering, without a ray of hope to ever get cured.

It all started with a dream in which he had started an institute to cure stammering and was helping people to get cured and regain their happiness in life which was snatched away by stammering. A dream is a dream, we see it with closed eyes and we forget it. But this was more than just a dream. According to Partha Bagchi, “It was a direction from God. It became my mission and vision and gave my life a new purpose”. Sacrificing his 10 years of Chartered Accountancy (C.A.) practice and his own Chartered Accountancy (C.A.) firm, he founded this institute STAMMERING CURE CENTRE in Kolkata in March, 1990, along with his wife Mitrani Bagchi, to help others cure their stammering and lead a happy, confident and stammering-free life just like him. In 1997, the centre shifted to Bangalore. That was just the beginning of a new era of hope for stammering persons all over the world. With a resolute pledge and a committed dedication, along with him, his entire family is devoted to this very cause of stammering cure and is gifting the joy of fluent and confident speech to thousands of people suffering from stammering.


Partha Bagchi is also the author of 23 best selling motivational books on various inspirational topics covering daily life. His first book ‘STAMMERING A SURE CURE’ (2001) is the first and the only complete practical book on stammering cure in India and one of the best selling books on stammering cure in the World. The marvellous success story of the service done by Partha Bagchi and Stammering Cure Centre® for over 29 years has been published and appreciated by all the leading newspapers of India over the years. These include The Times of India (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Ahmedabad), The Hindu (Hyderabad), The Hindustan Times (Delhi), The Indian Express (Bangalore and Hyderabad), The Telegraph (Kolkata), The Economic Times (Bangalore), Ananda Bazar Patrika (Kolkata), Bartaman (Kolkata), The Asian Age (Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore), DNA, News Time (Hyderabad) and countless more. Most notable among these are highlighted in the ‘Femina’ women’s magazine (September, 2000 Issue), The Times of India (all 9 editions of India), PTI News, ‘Good Morning India’ show on Star Plus in 1997, ‘Men and Women’ supplement of The Times Of India (2003) where the stories of great achievers are highlighted.

Over these 29 years, Partha Bagchi has shown great courage, patience, determination and dedication to the cause of stammering cure in the World. For this, he has also been honoured with seven national awards like ‘Pride of India’, ‘Achiever of the Millennium’, ‘Rashtriya Ekta Award’, ‘National Health Excellence Award’, ‘Rashtriya Rattan Award’, ‘Pride of the Millennium Award’ and ‘The Mother Teresa Award’. He has been internationally acclaimed for his credible contributions with the ‘Asia Pacific International Award’. But according to Partha Bagchi : “I feel my greatest achievement is to see the heart-felt happiness and tears of joy of my students and their family after getting cured from stammering.”

Partha Bagchi appeals to all – “With a zeal and smile, I have dedicated my whole life to spread awareness about stammering and its cure and eradicate stammering totally. I have taken up the responsibility alone for this ambitious and arduous challenge. I appeal to all kind hearted people to support me in this endeavour and create a STAMMERING-FREE SOCIETY”.
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