How we cure stammering ?

Stammering is purely a psychological and bad habitual problem. It is not a disease and neither is it from birth or due to any defect in the speech organs. Hence, medicines, surgery or instruments cannot be used to rectify this psychological and bad habitual problem. Stammering happens due to imitation, lack of confidence, along with fear, excitement, nervousness, hesitation, tension, anticipation of blocking and other similar factors. This course has been developed on the foundation of several years of extensive research, analysis of thousands of stammering persons’ problems from all over the world, along with a precise blend of intelligent planning, innovative ideas, imaginative and creative thoughts, strong will power, courageous approach, service minded dedication and hard work.

It is not like speech therapy. We specialise only in stammering. A wide variety of techniques from our course will help you to correct all aspects speaking like breathing flow, fast speaking habit, faulty style of speaking, blocking, inco-ordination between thinking and speaking, hesitation, low confidence, avoidance, bad habitual gestures, negative thoughts, etc. Keeping that in mind, this course is ideally designed to overcome all these problems and is purely a research-oriented, 100% practical and cure-based course, a new and innovative concept for the first time in India and the World. Any kind of stammering, no matter how old the problem, can be easily cured completely at any age by our course, within a short span of 2 weeks only.


  • VOCAL EXERCISES: Just as fuel is necessary to run a vehicle, to run our speech vehicle, regular flow of breathing is absolutely necessary. The vocal exercises quickly regularize the flow of breathing automatically while speaking which helps you to speak fluently, keep your speech organs and muscles relaxed and make the delivery of speech smooth.
  • REGULATED READING PRACTICES : A specially developed reading practice (not simple plain reading) in our revolutionary style helps you to control the speed of your speech and eventually rectifies the speech mechanism. When the speed is controlled, you can definitely speak well in a relaxed manner and coordinate thinking and speaking. As you get back the natural rhythm in speech, you can speak in a normal spontaneous flow.
  • DEVELOP CORRECT STYLE OF SPEAKING : With our expert guidance and periodic corrections, you will develop an excellent fluent style of speaking which replaces your defective style. In this style, you can easily speak fluently and comfortably in a quality and normal manner.
  • AUTO SUGGESTION : Stammering is in the mind, not in the mouth. Our exclusively developed Auto Suggestion will help you to remove fear, consciousness, memories of past bad speaking experiences, anticipation of stammering, negative and pessimistic thoughts. By removing the anticipation of stammering, you can speak normally and promptly.
  • MICROPHONE PUBLIC SPEAKING : You have to speak over the microphone before a group of people replying on sudden questions and speaking on certain topic. After speaking in our prescribed speaking style, we can point out and rectify all the mistakes in speaking. This will enable you to speak fluently and confidently and also help you to improve your self confidence and courage to speak with anybody anywhere. In the process, you can drive out fear, nervousness, excitement, hurried speaking tendency, stage-fright, hesitation, shyness and tension from the mind. Thus the entire speech system will be rectified permanently.
  • REMOVAL OF CONSCIOUSNESS : To deal with this problem, specific practical tips and guidance are given based on your specific problem. 
  • TELEPHONE PRACTICE : This practice is provided to students attending the course at the Bangalore Centre. With our guidance, you will become comfortable to speak over the telephone with anybody. The Practice Material Books also contain valuable specific tips and guidance. 
  • MIRROR PRACTICE : In fact, the Microphone Public Speaking session in the afternoons is held in front of mirrors and the student has to look into the mirror and speak over the microphone. In this manner, facial distortions, unusual movements and gestures, abnormal postures, etc. can be rectified and avoided, thus making it easier to speak.
  • FEW OTHER PRACTICES : Several hundred practical instructions are given to tackle and overcome all types of stammering and associated problems like Relaxation Practices, Positive Thinking, Creative Visualization, Auto Thinking, Self Consciousness, Vision Speaking, Slow Down Strategy, Auto Hearing, Recollection Aid and many more practices.
    • Blocking Of Words
    • Avoid Repetition
    • Avoid Fill Ups or Helping Words
    • Blocking While Telling Name
    • Eliminate Secondary Symptoms
    • Difficulty In Vowel Sounds
    • Avoidance
    • Overlapping
    • Clubbing
    • Shame Feeling
    • Lips Using Words
    • In coordination Between Thinking And Speaking
    • Attendance Problem
    • Interaction With Strangers
    • Positive Internal Dialogue
    • The Challenge Technique
    • Proper Listening
    • Desensitize Yourself
    • Overcome Time Pressure
    • Forgettery
    • Procrastination
    • Self Hearing
    • Self Mind Control
    • Mind Reading
    • Vision Speaking
    • Be Yourself
    • Distraction
  • MOTIVATIONAL COURSE MATERIAL : Our inspirational and motivationally enriched course material charges you up every day and gives you the motivation to speak better and makes you more confident. After reading and going through the two Practice Material Book and ‘Stammering A Sure Cure’ book, you get to know lots of correct and factual information on stammering and its cure. All the texts are inspiring and will motivate you to be always charged up, spirited and enthusiastic.
  • INTERACTION WITH STRANGERS : The students of the centre, in a group, visit some shopping malls and talk with sales persons. In this manner, hesitation, nervousness, shyness and anticipation of blocking can be eliminated and one can talk more freely with everybody. It removes the initial shakiness. Sometimes I myself lead them to initiate talking with different variety of people. 
  • GUIDANCE FROM EX-STUDENTS : From time to time, Ex-Students (those who are cured after attending the course) come to the centre. You are free to interact with them and take practical guidance from them to deal with your problems.

Course Highlights

  • The Course has been designed to suit everyone and since the sessions are individual sessions, it is customized to provide you exactly what you need.
  • Over 10 different kinds of practices are taught and practiced that regularize the breathing system, relaxes the speech muscles, removes fear and consciousness from your mind and the defective speaking style is changed to a correct and fluent way of speaking.
  • All 10 sessions will be individual sessions under the guidance of World-Renowned Stammering Cure Specialist, Mr. PARTHA BAGCHI and his efficient team of Stammering Cure Specialists.
  • Only an Ex-stammerer like Partha Bagchi with 26 years of stammering experience and over 30 years of stammering cure expertise can easily identify and solve your stammering problem easily and quickly.
  • Most of the sessions will be taken by Mr. PARTHA BAGCHI himself. Some of the sessions will be taken by:
    • PROTTOY BAGCHI: A Transformation Coach who passionately learns many of the best techniques on Psychology, Mind Control and Mindset Training from some of the best trainers in the World and integrates them with our already successful set of techniques with his experience of over 9 years in the field of stammering cure.

    • UPASANA BAGCHI: A Counsellor and Psychologist who is pursuing her PhD on Stammering Cure. She has an experience of over 12 years and her sharp observation and analysis is valued by all our students. She is also a specialist in curing Child Stammering.
  • In addition to the 10 individual sessions, you will be getting access to our Public Speaking Sessions which are conducted on every Sunday where you will get a platform to speak in front of people from across India and sometimes International students as well.
  • In the Public Speaking Sessions, the audience will be of all ages and backgrounds so you can apply the techniques you learn in the individual sessions and overcome your fear of speaking in front of large audience and fear of interacting with strangers.
  • Group Discussions and Mock Interviews are conducted which will help you handle and overcome the anxiety and excitement when you have to put your point across or defend your statement.
  • Overcome shyness, nervousness, tension, fear, excitement, anxiety, etc. while speaking.
  • Boost self-confidence, optimism and develop a positive attitude in life.
  • Impress everybody with your speaking skills by becoming a dynamic and powerful speaker.
  • Cure stammering in all the languages that you can speak.

Our Strength Their Weakness

We have listed the comparative benefits of attending the course at Stammering Cure Centre® over other places:


NoOur StrengthTheir Weakness
1When you join our course, we take the responsibility till the time you speak fluently and confidently. That’s why the course fee is till cure!Since they are not at all sure about curing your stammering, there is no question of taking responsibility. Most places offer lifelong treatment because for them curing stammering is impossible.
2Our techniques are research-oriented, practical and have already been tried, tested and proven over the past 29 years.Their techniques are commonsensical and stereotypical, without understanding how to do it and how it will affect your stammering.
3Our techniques have the highest success rate. Our techniques give instant results and fast improvement. You can see the improvement in your speech from the first day itself. Most places do not mention how long the duration of the course is.
4Our course has no side effects. You are guaranteed to only speak better and improve throughout the course without any worries or harm to your speech organs. Some of the techniques used to cure stammering are extremely wrong and can cause more complications and problems, which sometimes become irreparable.
5Partha Bagchi has lovingly sacrificed my 10 years of well established and prestigious profession of a Chartered Accountant with the only motto in mind : “SERVICE TO STAMMERING PERSONS ABOVE SELF”. His selfless dedication and devotion has stood strong in these 29 years when he has helped thousands of stammering persons become fluent. Most places are commercial and have only professional relationship with you. Some of them only enter this field to mint fast money by charging large amounts of money from helpless stammering persons. Many of them also blame the helpless stammering persons for not improving when the problem actually lies in their lack of techniques or their ineffectiveness.
6With Partha Bagchi’s 29 years of research, he has developed hundreds of highly effective techniques which are continuously updated and revised to make them more efficient and result-yielding. These techniques will set right your faulty speech mechanism such that the entire system functions naturally, smoothly, spontaneously and optimally like fluent speakers. They have a maximum of 2-4 techniques which are not enough to correct the defects in your faulty speaking style. Most of them are highly incorrect.
7Only an ex-stammering person and highly qualified personality like Partha Bagchi can feel and understand your practical difficulties from his 26 years of stammering experience and can easily rectify all your problems with expertise. Most of them do not understand the psychological mindset of stammering persons. So they cannot understand and sympathise with your condition and what you are going through.
8We provide you with a friendly, loving, accepting and homely environment where you feel understood, accepted and loved. Here everybody has faced the same struggle like you so nobody will laugh at you, make fun of you or tease you. In our centre, we do not have concept of a doctor-patient relationship. We follow a teacher-student cordial loving relationship which lasts even after the completion of the course. Partha Bagchi and his team are always understanding, supportive, friendly, patient and always available for you. So the students consider us their ‘Friend, Philosopher and Guide’. The doctor-patient relationship that is followed in other places makes a stammering person feel that something is ‘wrong’ with them or that they are “diseased, ill or sick”. The service provider-client relationship is impersonal and strictly professional.
9We are a full-fledged international institute, where throughout the year classes go on. A huge variety of practices are administered from 10 AM to 5.30 PM (except Sundays) with flexible timings for everybody. Usually individual sessions are conducted on a one-to-one basis for 30–45 minutes once a week. This hardly makes any difference to their stammering.
10We have 2 very effective practice material books (over 100 pages each), 3 amazing CDs and ‘Stammering A Sure Cure’ book (over 200 pages) written by Partha Bagchi- the only practical book in India- in 4 languages (English, Hindi, Bengali and Kannada) and many more to come. In most places, they have no printed books or material to give. They only function by giving oral instructions and tips with their limited bookish knowledge.
11Partha Bagchi is a qualified Chartered Accountant, winner of 7 National Awards and 1 International Award, Author of 23 best-selling motivational books. All the major newspapers and magazines have covered his glorious experience and expertise. After reading through the TEAM STRENGTH section of this website, you will be definitely impressed with the expertise that our highly qualified, inspiring, innovative, creative and dedicated team has to offer. You will hardly find any professionals with the requisite educational background and expertise to cure your problem. On top of being incompetent, they also have the audacity to be extremely commercial and money-oriented.
12In our centre, you will be able to interact with people with diverse interests of all age groups from all levels of the society from all over the World. This wide and unique mix gives you the much needed exposure to overcome the fear of speaking to strangers. Rarely will you find a group session in most places. Even if you do, you may meet just a few local people, which does not provide you with good exposure.
13Stammering persons face a lot of problem when speaking in front of many people like in seminars, presentations, group discussions, on stage, introducing themselves, etc. With our Microphone Public Speaking exercise, you will speak well in our prescribed style on the microphone and remove fear, excitement, nervousness and build up confidence and boldness to speak with anybody any time. There is no scope for speaking on the microphone with our style of speaking, which is an extremely powerful tool for confidence-building.
14Besides stammering cure, we groom and mould you into an impressive personality with positive attitude, strong mindset and confident YOU challenging the world and become a highly successful person.They only try to cure your stammering, which is also difficult for them.
15We are extremely transparent in everything. You find in our website the complete information and details along with the course details, techniques and fees so that you get a clear idea. Mostly they keep you in the dark about the so-called techniques used by them. You will not find the fees openly mentioned for all because of the hidden charges and untrue promises.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Don’t let them cheat you and rob you of your money, faith, trust and hope. After going through all the points given above, anybody can understand that going to the right person for curing your stammering is important.

Choose wisely and come to the experts at STAMMERING CURE CENTRE® for a sure and permanent solution to your stammering before losing many golden opportunities in life. IT IS OUR CHALLENGE – We can cure any kind of stammering of any severity and at any age with the sincere efforts and dedication of the candidate. Unlike others, we don’t just claim, we cure it easily and surely.


PARTHA BAGCHI   Founder President & CEO of Stammering Cure Centre®

A man with many honors, it is on his tireless efforts and expert guidance that the foundation of this institution rests. With his zeal, dedication, intelligence, creativity and innovation, he was one of the first to develop a practical and effective cure for stammering. After suffering severely from stammering for 26 long years, he finally won his war against stammering. A Chartered Accountant by profession, he sacrificed his career, family and life to give a new bright future to his fellow stammering people in the society who were still suffering. Then there was no looking back. For the past 29 years, he has done extensive work in the neglected field of stammering cure and has cured thousands of stammering persons, who are now leading a fluent, bright, happy and successful life because of him. His expertise is boundless when it comes to stammering cure because of his extensive research oriented approach to stammering cure and his 55 years of experience (26 years as a stammering person and 29 years as a stammering cure specialist). His persevering and dedicated contributions to the stammering people in the society have won him 7 National Awards (including the Mother Teresa Award), 1 International Award, several articles on him and his work, TV and media coverage and loads of appreciation from all corners of the society. Not just that, he is also a motivational speaker and the author of 23 best-selling books on various motivational topics. Despite this name and fame, he still remains a simple, humble, patient, polite, down-to-Earth and supportive person, that itself is worthy of praise. 

MITRANI BAGCHI   Vice President & COO of Stammering Cure Centre®

Mitrani Bagchi is the wife of Partha Bagchi, who has been treading the path of stammering and its cure along with him for the past 29 years and more. In spite of being a non-stammering person, she understood the pain of a stammering person and committed herself to inspire and encourage them to speak freely and fluently. Her sensitive, supportive, caring, kind and encouraging behaviour has touched the heart of thousands of stammering persons over the 29 years of her association with the centre, especially the children and women stammering persons. With an education from some of the famous convent schools and colleges in Kolkata like Pratt Memorial School, Bethune College and Calcutta University, she has a Masters degree in English (M.A.) and is a Company Secretaryship finalist. To add to that, she has gained an extensive experience in stammering and stammering cure with as much finesse and precision.

UPASANA BAGCHI  Psychologist and Research Director of Stammering Cure Centre®

Upasana Bagchi is the daughter of Partha Bagchi and has been associated with the centre for the past 6 years. She is a psychologist and counsellor by profession with a Masters degree in Psychological Counselling (M.Sc.). She has to her credit two theses on stammering, a University rank from one of the best colleges in India (Christ University), UGC National Eligibility Test Lectureship qualification in her first attempt and being a speaker and paper presenter in various National and International seminars and symposia. Despite all these accolades, she joins her parents in this noble work of stammering cure in this ever neglected field. Armed with her extensive knowledge on stammering and keen observation of various speech factors, she is highly competent at helping stammering persons speak fluently. She has revised and introduced many new techniques at the centre, which guarantees faster improvement. She corrects and guides the students at crucial junctures of their speech which makes speech an enjoyable experience. She has a special affinity towards children who easily become her friend and also enjoy doing the course. She has also translated all the course materials and the website to Hindi. Her counselling and guidance instils inspiration and motivation in the gloomy minds of stammering persons and changes their life for the better.

PROTTOY BAGCHI  Mentor/Groomer & Head of Business Development of Stammering Cure Centre®

The latest addition to the Stammering Cure Centre® family is Prottoy Bagchi. Growing up in an environment where stammering and stammering cure were the main focus for the whole family, his paths naturally led to the centre. As a software engineer, he worked in the field for some time only to complete and strengthen the Stammering Cure Centre®. His exclusive ideas and brilliant plans give the much needed impetus and enthusiasm in all of our work. Having been an enthusiastic orator and an entertaining stage presence throughout his school and college days, he knows best the secrets to effortless oratory and flawless speaking. Thus he guides the stammering persons on how to speak confidently and convincingly in every situation. He also grooms them for interviews, group discussions, seminars, meetings, telephone speaking, etc. His confidence building sessions and soft skills training adds quality to your personality and transforms you completely


The entire environment of the centre is genuinely friendly, homely and helping. Everybody helps, supports, sympathises and encourages each other for mutual improvement of their speech. Here you always feel like a member of this big joint family of Stammering Cure Centre®, just like staying at home away from home. You can really get to see the team effort where everybody wants to work very hard to get maximum improvement. You can feel the divine force in the centre that comes from the noble work of giving a pleasant and enjoyable new life to stammering persons. Over and above all, Partha Bagchi is always there with you – inspiring, guiding, motivating, encouraging and doing everything possible to transform you from a shy, introverted, frustrated person to smart, social, enthusiastic, confident and optimistic personality.


The stammering of each individual is different and unique in its own way. Hence it is necessary to analyse each kind of stammering from different angles for different aspects. We have our unique assessment process that we use to evaluate your speech problems and your improvement. This helps us to structure and focus the course with a tailor-made flexibility specifically designed to cure the stammering of the individual. For every student, care is taken to see whether they are doing the practices correctly. If wrong, they are corrected instantly. This ensures that the treatment is effective and the cure is faster.

I always take personal care and attention of all the students. I see to it that you understand all the practices and do it correctly and accurately to get the maximum returns for your efforts. I discuss with you your individual specific problems and offer instant effective solution. I talk to you to identify and remove all the defects in your speaking style so that you get a fluent, confident and quality speaking style. My encouragement and inspiring support boosts up your self confidence and self esteem and transforms you totally into a bold, confident, smart, cheerful and fluent person within a short time.


Several stammering persons complain that they have tried in some places to cure it. Whatever little improvement they had got was lost afterwards thereby coming back to the same sorrow state with stammering. Being well-aware of this fact, I have done a lot of intelligent thinking and creative planning so that whatever improvement you get will remain intact and further improvement results from doing the practices and following the techniques. The cure from our course is permanent.


The Regular Course is for 2 weeks. There is no batch system. You can start the course on any day any time. We maintain flexibility about timings within our working hours. You can attend the course at your convenience. Working people are attending the classes mostly on Saturdays and the other days, while doing the practices at home every day. For school and college students, the best time for the students to attend the course is during summer holidays since there is no class, tuitions, and study pressure. Also they have ample time to practice and attend the centre freely. During any other festival vacation also they can plan to attend the course in Bangalore at that time. We also have a SUMMER SPECIAL CRASH COURSE exclusively for the students.

Since there is an excessive rush of the students from all over India during summer holidays, positively book your seat now.

It is obvious that the actual time taken to cure stammering depends on the candidate’s adaptability, urge, consistency and sincerity. For outstation candidates, ‘Exclusive Crash Course’ has been designed to cure stammering within 12 days. With the new improved practices and techniques, it is possible to cure in shorter period of time. Outstation people may also complete the course in two instalments depending on leave and suitability. When you join the course, the main objective is to cure stammering irrespective of the time, which is guaranteed at Stammering Cure Centre®.


  • At the beginning of the course, I personally teach the students all the basic techniques and practices. The practices are so effective and practical that instant result will come in all possible ways.
  • As a part of the course (Regular and Correspondence Course), each person receives two effective ‘Practice Material Book’ (around 100 pages each), three amazing CDs and ‘STAMMERING A SURE CURE’ book (over 200 pages).
  • At Stammering Cure Centre® in Bangalore, every morning we give over eleven varieties of practices.
  • Everybody practices with full concentration and enthusiasm. All the mistakes are rectified instantly, giving you the assurance that you are practicing correctly which is absolutely essential for getting fast and consistent improvement.
  • You will be speaking over microphone before a mass gathering two times, once in the morning session and in the afternoon session. By speaking fluently in our prescribed style, you will regain self confidence and drive out all fear, nervousness and excitement from the mind.
  • In the afternoon when you speak over the microphone by sitting and looking straight into the mirror for eliminating all facial distortions, unusual body movements and abnormal gestures.
  • Whenever you speak, I rectify all your problems and mistakes on the spot and suggest practical and most effective suggestions. You also get an excellent platform to know your mistakes, learn how to correct them and speak in the ideal style of speaking.
  • After doing the practices every day, you will get an urge and inner desire for regular, sincere and consistent practice which is necessary to maintain good speaking permanently.
  • The entire environment of the Centre is very helping, friendly and cordial. Everybody feels that they are members of a well-bonded joint family and wholeheartedly help others as a well-organized team.
  • I give more personal care and attention to all students pinpointing the specific and minute mistakes and difficulties. At the end of the course I will give you an assessment sheet mentioning the kind of attention to be taken after you finish the course.

Join The Course Now And See The Difference For Yourself In Just 2 Weeks!

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