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Travel isn’t safe now, for you and for us too so we have cancelled all our workshops across seven cities of India. We are offering the same course which we offer in Bangalore in an online format. Same practices, same techniques, same format – from the comfort of your home.

Online Course was launched in 2016 but was not advertised due to our busy schedule, restricting it to only selected people (foreigners and busy executives) as very few slots were available. This lockdown has given us the opportunity to open our doors to everyone to avail the benefits of the Online Course.

We have cured hundreds of people with the Online Course since lockdown and a few hundred people before that. Overall, we have cured over 25,000 people from India and 37 different countries over the last 30 years. We have adapted the course to the changing needs and mindset of the people making it very practical and easy to apply in your new lifestyle. 

All the practices and techniques used are same as that used in the Regular Course in Bangalore. In addition to that, a lot of new practices and techniques have been developed and successfully integrated in the course since lockdown which has helped us produce amazing results even in this format.

It is for all ages, all languages and wherever you are in the World you can attend it at a time which is comfortable for you.

About The Course

  • This is a Golden opportunity to attend the course from STAMMERING CURE CENTRE®, the World-Famous Super-Speciality Institute for stammering cure since 1990, at the comfort of your home and at a time convenient to you.
  • Our course is highly effective and is practically designed in such a way that all types of stammering can be easily and surely cured in just 10 sessions.
  • Since stammering is a psychological and bad habitual problem and not a disease or a physical disorder, NO medicine, instrument or surgery can cure it. Stammering can be easily cured by doing our simple practices.
  • Our practices and techniques are research-oriented, easy-to-understand, practically actionable and very effective to deal with all kinds of problems faced in stammering.
  • The sessions will be individual sessions (on a one-to-one basis) for a duration of 30 minutes each where you will be getting our undivided attention.
  • The sessions will be conducted at a mutually convenient time on any video calling application of your choice like WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype.
  • Customized solutions to your unique specific problems will be provided which will help you speak better instantly.
  • Public Speaking Sessions are conducted on every Sunday to help you overcome your fear of speaking to strangers and fear of speaking in front of a lot of people. 
  • The experience and results will be the same as our Face-to-Face Regular Course
  • We will be following the same format which is followed in our Bangalore centre so that you do not miss out on anything.
  • We have a flexible course structure and timing to suit your convenience.

Course Highlights

  • The Course has been designed to suit everyone and since the sessions are individual sessions, it is customized to provide you exactly what you need.
  • Over 10 different kinds of practices are taught and practiced that regularize the breathing system, relaxes the speech muscles, removes fear and consciousness from your mind and the defective speaking style is changed to a correct and fluent way of speaking.
  • All 10 sessions will be individual sessions under the guidance of World-Renowned Stammering Cure Specialist, Mr. PARTHA BAGCHI and his efficient team of Stammering Cure Specialists.
  • Only an Ex-stammerer like Partha Bagchi with 26 years of stammering experience and over 30 years of stammering cure expertise can easily identify and solve your stammering problem easily and quickly.
  • Most of the sessions will be taken by Mr. PARTHA BAGCHI himself. Some of the sessions will be taken by:
    • PROTTOY BAGCHI: A Transformation Coach who passionately learns many of the best techniques on Psychology, Mind Control and Mindset Training from some of the best trainers in the World and integrates them with our already successful set of techniques with his experience of over 9 years in the field of stammering cure.

    • UPASANA BAGCHI: A Counsellor and Psychologist who is pursuing her PhD on Stammering Cure. She has an experience of over 12 years and her sharp observation and analysis is valued by all our students. She is also a specialist in curing Child Stammering.
  • In addition to the 10 individual sessions, you will be getting access to our Public Speaking Sessions which are conducted on every Sunday where you will get a platform to speak in front of people from across India and sometimes International students as well.
  • In the Public Speaking Sessions, the audience will be of all ages and backgrounds so you can apply the techniques you learn in the individual sessions and overcome your fear of speaking in front of large audience and fear of interacting with strangers.
  • Group Discussions and Mock Interviews are conducted which will help you handle and overcome the anxiety and excitement when you have to put your point across or defend your statement.
  • Overcome shyness, nervousness, tension, fear, excitement, anxiety, etc. while speaking.
  • Boost self-confidence, optimism and develop a positive attitude in life.
  • Impress everybody with your speaking skills by becoming a dynamic and powerful speaker.
  • Cure stammering in all the languages that you can speak.


  • This course will COMPLETELY TRANSFORM YOU into a fluent, self-confident, positive-minded and admirable orator and personality. 
  • With the new found confidence and self-belief, you can dream again and fulfil your dreams and ambitions as now, nothing will hold you back from living the life you always wanted to live.
  • Success Story 1: A student from Gurgaon had failed in 10 interviews for Merchant Navy before the course and after taking just a few sessions he has cleared 3 interviews back-to-back and now has 3 offer letters. He has left a Review on Google mentioning the same.
  • Success Story 2: A high school student from Tamil Nadu was looked down upon and humiliated repeatedly by her English teacher because she couldn’t speak properly in the class due to her severe stammering (in spite of being very good in English). After attending the course this summer, she won the Debate Competition in her school. The same teacher praised her in front of the class and apologized for her misbehaviour.
  • Success Story 3: A Project Manager working in an IT company was removed from the project after his client had reported his speech disfluency to the higher management. He was in bench and could be laid off any day. He went into depression. After attending the course, he got a job in Infosys (USA) after clearing four rounds of interview. You can find a Review on Google about his experience.
  • Success Story 4: A Sales Manager working in Canada had attended our Online Course. During his visit to The Coca Cola Company in USA for a contract, he gave a 30-minute presentation about the services his company offered. He not only got the contract, the Vice President of the company appreciated him for his quality speaking style. 
  • Success Story 5: A well-educated girl from West Bengal was rejected because of her severe stammering problem by every prospective groom’s family that came to see her for matrimony. She was in depression for 2 years. She cured her stammering with our Online Course in May, 2020. I was delighted to receive her wedding invitation for 25th November, 2020.

These were just a few stories. Everyone who joins the course will have a success story in their own way as life will never be the same after the course.

Course Fee

This is the ideal time for STUDENTS (school students, college students and those who are preparing for competitive exams) to attend the course as you can attend the Stammering Cure Course without disturbing your studies. 

This is the best time ever for WORKING PROFESSIONALS as you can attend the course at your convenient time without applying for any leave. Also, you can ensure that the company doesn’t use your Stammering as a reason for layoff in these recessive conditions. 

This is a must for JOB SEEKERS as companies are not hiring many candidates, you have to correct your speech and be the best candidate for the interview.

    • The demand for the course is huge as people from across the globe are now able to attend the classes and we have limited number of slots. So, JOIN THE COURSE IMMEDIATELY.
    • The course fee is Rs. 30,000/- all inclusive.
    • It includes the 10 Individual Sessions + Access to Public Speaking Sessions.
    • The material provided will be 2 Practice Material books, 3 CDs and a copy of the “Stammering A Sure Cure” book.
    • The books and CDs are available in English, Hindi and Bengali languages.
    • Please consider the fact that you will also be saving over Rs. 15,000/- to Rs. 20,000/- on travel, food and accommodation expenses since you don’t have to travel to Bangalore now.

Fees is Rs. 30,000/- Rs. 20,000/-

(For Limited Period Only)

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