Important course benefit for children

  • By getting cured at an early age, they will not face any problems in future.
  • Before the child can be conscious of their speech difficulties, they get the solution to solve the problem.
  • He can make friends easily and be able to talk, play and have fun with other children.
  • After coming to the centre, their courage and confidence level increases and they change from a shy introvert stubborn child to a friendly energetic enthusiastic and smart child.
  • It is a huge relief for the parents and family members.
  • They can avoid the shame feeling that comes every time they stammer
  • Stammering makes a child angry irritated and often is unable to control the frustration and move towards depression. Curing at a tender age would help them to naturally rectify all these things and to carry their daily activities without any fear and flaw.
  • Teasing and humiliation leaves a child shattered. By curing his stammering even before that can impact the child, you are preventing the child from shattering or losing inside.
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Vital Course Benefits For School Students

  • Students are able to participate in all types of activities in school after getting rid of their stammering and associated stage-fright.
  • They can definitely utilize their full talent and potential which otherwise would have been unutilized due to their stammering.
  • Enhance positive attitude in all walks of life.
  • Develop an impressive personality as a student.
  • Improve marks due to better understanding of subjects and confident performance.
  • Make good friends and talk freely everywhere.
  • Boosts up self-esteem, self-efficacy, self-image, self-confidence and self-belief.
  • Facing oral exams especially external examiners no more remain a terror.
  • Strengthen fluency in English.
  • Enable them to answer their teachers properly and also ask their doubts in class freely.
  • They come out of their sad-feeling and depression and become more cheerful and active all the time.
  • On the whole, they can enjoy the pleasure of student life and build up their personality.

Valuable Course Benefits For College Students

  • The Stammering persons, who are usually under-confident, highly pessimistic, less ambitious and suffering from inferiority complex, can get excellent benefits after attending ‘Regular Crash Course’ for stammering cure in Stammering Cure Centre®.
  • Develop an impressive, powerful and convincing personality.
  • Freely and comfortably mingle-up with lecturers, classmates and others.
  • Rectify the defects in the speaking style and come up with excellent impressive communicating skills.
  • Sharpen good English speaking ability which is also very vital to become a good achiever.
  • Develop self confidence, self-esteem and self-belief.
  • Enrich ambition level and career escalation.
  • Better challenging skills and have a relaxed mindset.
  • Have complete command over negative thoughts, temper, anger and depression.
  • Inculcate the good habit of spontaneous expression of thoughts and opinion.
  • Can be more interactive and lively in the classroom as well as outside.
  • Can be a part of various talent hunts and programmes conducted all over.
  • Can communicate in an excellent and impressive manner to deliver speeches, academic papers and seminars before a mass gathering and excel in group discussion (GD) also.
  • Excel in all interviews, because of their cool calm relaxed mindset and attractive communication skill.
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Amazing Course Benefits For Job seekers

  • Generally appearing for interviews is a matter of fright for most people, even the fluent speakers. But for stammering persons, appearing for interviews and group discussions is nothing less than a nightmare. The moment the interview call comes, most of them start thinking negavitively and pessimistically about all the bad things that may happen to them in the interview. The negative thoughts become so deep-rooted that it becomes almost impossible to perform well in the interview. The problem of stammering is further complicated by the apprehension of the interview proceedings about which the candidate is mostly tensed and nervous. Our package comes to the rescue of numerous such stammering persons who are or will be appearing for the interview.
  • You get amazing fluency of speech by attending our ‘Regular Course’ in Bangalore. The sooner you sharpen your communication skill the better your chances of getting through interviews
  • Besides this, we arrange for ‘Mock Interviews’ which serves as rehearsal for the actual interview.
  • After participating in the ‘Group Discussions'(GD) held at the Centre, you will be in a confident and comfortable position to fair well in the actual discussion
  • ‘Telephone Practice’ is also given to perform well in telephonic interviews too, which are very common nowadays.
  • The ‘Practice Material Book – II’ also has a section for tips on interviews.
  • In addition to that, you can get a copy of the book ‘Interviews No More A Hurdle’ written by Partha Bagchi of over 300 pages will be provided, which is undoubtedly the most practical book on interview for job seekers. (This book is not available for sale elsewhere.)
  • Our course, along with this book, will mould you into the best performing candidate for interviews – smart, confident, bold, ambitious and enthusiastic with a positive, optimistic attitude and a killer’s instinct to win in the race for the job. If you fail to get any job within a reasonable time span after having secured a degree, that is a black mark on your track records. So never take a risk with your career. Many stammering persons, after getting the benefit of this package, have already got their dream jobs with the best pay package. Often they have to choose between lucrative offers from prestigious companies due to their fabulous performance in the interview.

Before missing out on any more golden opportunities, join the course immediately!

Ultimate Course Benefits For Working Professional

  • After coming out from their depressed, dejected, frustrated life full of humiliation and under-estimation, they can work with more charged up energy and enthusiasm.
  • Being able to contribute much more towards the organization as their performance will increase.
  • Their improved inter-personal communication skill will help them to present reports and thoughts in meetings effectively.
  • They can join any profession with any big-shot groups.
  • They can impress their colleagues and bosses with their newfound confident and fluent personality.
  • They can easily and confidently voice their ideas and opinions.
  • With a developed fluency, their personality improves and they can represent the organization better in the corporate world, nationally and globally.
  • Speaking to foreign clients and video conferencing will be easier to handle for them.  
  • They can easily opt for teaching profession by joining professional fields like Consultancy, Engineering, Medicine, Chartered Accountancy and many others.
  • They can fulfil their dreams to escalate to a great height in career.
  • They can get a good job, which matches their qualifications and abilities, with better pay and personal satisfaction.
  • They will be free from all tensions – about job security, being stuck in one job, not taking up interviews, being dejected from various interviews, no promotions or incentives, etc.
  • Appearing for interviews for higher and better posts will no more be dreadful and humiliating due to stammering.
  • They can excel and succeed in all spheres of life.
  • One can enjoy the beauty and pleasure of life to the fullest – ‘A HAPPY AND FULFILLING LIFE’.

In short, a complete transformation into a fluent speaker with confident personality and enjoy the beauty and pleasure of life to the fullest extent.

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Why trust us?

  • I have been running this centre since 29 years. Anybody can easily understand that without being effective, no centre can run successfully for this long.
  • The practices are devised based on my extensive research and practical experience, not on any common sense or gimmicks.
  • I am regularly curing thousands of stammering persons successfully all over the world and that too within a short period of 12 days only.
  • By sacrificing the lucrative profession of a Chartered Accountant, I have started this centre in March, 1990 and wholeheartedly, completely devoted myself for the cause of saving the lives of 3 crore helpless stammering persons in India, with a never-to-leave determination sincerely and honestly.
  • I could have given a large number of franchisees all over India to earn massive sum of money like most do after gaining popularity. My concept is to let people attend the course in Bangalore under my expert guidance, care and supervision, rather than inexperienced, commercial novice trainees.
  • Only an ex-stammering person like me can understand and feel all your problems from the heart and can guide you to fulfill your cherished goal of becoming a fluent, confident and quality speaker.
  • Inspite of spending a large amount of money on all-India advertising and being the only person to campaign for mass awareness that “Stammering is a psychological and bad habitual problem which is absolutely curable”, the course fee is very reasonable and clearly given in the website which shows our genuineness and transparency.
  • All popular newspapers of India and TV channels have highlighted my unique achievements over the years. I have had the honour of receiving SEVEN National Awards and an INTERNATIONAL AWARD for my dedicated work in this vital and neglected field of stammering cure.
  • I have started this Centre after a dream, so I believe from the depth of my heart that according to God’s direction, I am in this noble cause of giving the people a new Stammering-free, bright life. I am committed to God to serve the people to the best of my potential, dedication, hard work and honesty.
  • In this unique Centre, as part of the course (Regular and Correspondence Course), each person receives two effective ‘Practice Material Book’ (around 100 pages each), three amazing CDs and ‘STAMMERING A SURE CURE’ book (over 200 pages). All these demonstrate my depth of knowledge, expertise and confidence to cure any kind of stammering. The complete detailed and updated picture of stammering and its cure is provided in these books are comprehensive and practical.
  • I believe that even the best can be improved. Hence I act on my persevering passion to update and upgrade all my techniques for better and faster cure.
  • My entire life’s energy is centred in stammering cure alone. My wife has been with me in my dedication with her active involvement and full-fledged support for 29 years. My daughter is a psychologist (who has done two theses on stammering). My son is a software engineer who is completely devoted to this cause. We form a fantastic team who is ever-charged and motivated to render highly qualitative and competent service to stammering persons.
  • To help maximum number of people, I have plans to bring out a ‘Complete Practice Kit’ in all regional languages in India to fulfil my mission and vision of a ‘STAMMERING-FREE INDIA’. The course in Hindi, Kannada and Bengali are available already.
  • I, personally, take care of each student at the Centre throughout the day to the best of my abilities.
  • I have a collection of over 500 best motivational books in the World in my personal library to enrich my knowledge imagination and creativity so that I can share all the best with you. Hence I have written 23 inspirational, motivating books on a wide array of subjects.
  • The cure got from my techniques and practices is not temporary as I have designed the course in such a way that the cure is maintained and becomes permanent for stammering to never return.
  • We have brought a smile to several thousand (stammering persons) people and their families. Their blessings and gratitude are always there with us to move on confidently and successfully in our mission.

This information is not to publicize my name and work or to mislead you but to save your life. I believe that you too have the full right to get a PLEASANT, SUCCESSFUL AND HIGHLY ACCOMPLISHED LIFE.  

Please do not waste your valuable time and opportunities by constantly confusing yourself whether stammering is curable or not. You may have been cheated on several occasions.   But Don’t Worry! Attend My Course.  I will show you how quickly you can talk fluently, just in two weeks. Everybody after getting cured from the Centre always repent that they would have got a much better life if they had come earlier.

In short, we are
  • Successful since 29 years
  • Recognised and appreciated 
  • Experienced and Effective
  • Resourceful
  • Geniune
  • Comitted
  • Transparent
  • Better than Best

Benefits Of Partha Bagchi Being An Ex Stammer

Only an Ex-Stammerer like me, who has suffered quite severely for 26 years, can easily feel and understand your practical difficulties from personal experience and can rectify the problem with expert knowledge. He is the person who has actually faced this suffering like you and travelled the same path which you are travelling now and ultimately he has come out as a winner in this battle.

Only a winner like me can motivate, inspire and give proper directions to you and guide you to become a winner like him. Only he can suggest practically effective practices and techniques which are tried, tested and proven to solve the problem of stammering, not just some impractical, ineffective, unscientific and baseless bookish knowledge.  

Only an Ex-Stammerer like me has tries various methods of cure over 26 years and found out some of the ways by which one can come out of this speech disfluency. He understands which works well and which is not.

Being sympathetic with you and your stammering problem, I have been taking care to all of you for around 8 hours a day and for 29 years with the same patience enthusiasm, mood and spirit. The main plus point is that I have come to this field lovingly, not forced to come. This is almost an impossible task for non-stammering persons and for persons driven to this field to exploit helpless people like you for pure monetary gain.

After dealing with thousands of stammering persons since 29 years, I have gathered tons of experience of effectively and qualitatively dealing with stammering persons I can easily pinpoint the exact problematic area and offer instant solutions to bring an almost “magical” cure to stammering.

Most of the Non-Stammering persons will either suggest something bookish or experiment on you like guinea pigs.

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