Stammering is not a disease and neither is it from birth or due to any defect in the speech organs. Hence, medicines or instruments cannot be used to rectify this psychological and bad habitual problem. Stammering happens due to lack of confidence, along with fear, excitement, nervousness, hesitation, tension, anticipation of blocking and other similar factors.

This course is ideally designed to overcome all these problems and is purely a research-oriented, 100% practical cure-based course – a new and innovative concept for the first time in India and the World too. It is not like speech therapy. We specialise only in stammering. Any kind of stammering, no matter how old the problem, can be easily cured completely at any age by our course, within a short span of 12 days only.

This course has been developed on the foundation of several years of extensive research, analysis of thousands of stammerers' problems all over the world along with a precise blend of intelligent planning, innovative ideas, imaginative and creative thoughts, strong will power, courageous approach, service minded dedication and hardwork. The blessing from God and the good wishes of all my students and their families is what propels us forward.


  • VOCAL EXERCISE: Just as fuel is necessary to run a vehicle, to run our speech vehicle, regular flow of breathing is absolutely necessary. The vocal exercises quickly regularize the flow of breathing automatically while speaking which helps you to speak fluently, keep your speech organs and muscles relaxed and make the delivery of speech smooth.
  • REGULATED READING PRACTICE : A specially developed reading practice (not simple plain reading) in our revolutionary style helps you to control the speed of your speech and eventually rectifies the speech mechanism. When the speed is controlled, you can definitely speak well in a relaxed manner and coordinate thinking and speaking. As you get back the natural rhythm in speech, you can speak in a normal spontaneous flow.
  • DEVELOP CORRECT STYLE OF SPEAKING : You will develop an excellent fluent style of speaking which replaces your defective style. In this style, you can easily speak fluently and comfortably in a quality and normal manner.
  • AUTO SUGGESTION : Stammering is in the mind, not in the mouth. Auto Suggestion will help you to remove fear, consciousness, memories of past bad speaking experiences, anticipation of stammering, negative and pessimistic thoughts. By removing the anticipation of stammering, you can speak normally and promptly.
  • MICROPHONE PUBLIC SPEAKING : You have to speak over the microphone before a group of people replying on sudden questions and speaking on certain topic. After speaking in our prescribed speaking style, we can point out and rectify all the mistakes in speaking. This will enable you to speak fluently and confidently and also help you to improve your self confidence and courage to speak with anybody anywhere. In the process, you can drive out fear, nervousness, excitement, hurried speaking tendency, stage-fright, hesitation, shyness and tension from the mind. Thus the entire speech system will be rectified permanently.
  • REMOVAL OF CONSCIOUSNESS : To deal with this problem, specific practical tips and guidance are given.
  • TELEPHONE PRACTICE : This practice is provided to students attending the course at the Bangalore Centre. Slowly you will become comfortable to speak over the telephone with anybody. The Practice Material Books also contain valuable specific tips and guidance.
  • MIRROR PRACTICE : In fact, the Microphone Public Speaking session in the afternoons is held in front of mirrors and the student has to look into the mirror and speak over the microphone. In this manner, facial distortions, unusual movements and gestures, abnormal postures, etc. can be rectified and avoided, thus making it easier to speak.


Some of the effective techniques introduced recently are :

* Use Small Sentences
* Positive Internal Dialogue
* Maintain Normal Eye Contact
* The Challenge Technique
* Proper Listening
* Desensitize Yourself
* Remember Good Speaking
* Overcome Time Pressure
* Forgettery
* Procrastination
* Self Hearing
* Self Mind Control
* Mind Reading
* Vision Speaking
* Be Yourself
* Distraction
* Visionise And Follow Relaxed Speakers

Golden tips to follow specific problems :
* Blocking Of Words
* Avoid Repetition
* Avoid Fill Ups Or Helping Words
* Blocking While Telling The Name
* Eliminate Secondary Symptoms
* Difficulty In Vowel Sounds
* Avoidance
* Overlapping
* Clubbing
* Shame Feeling
* Lips Using Words
* Incoordination Between Thinking And Speaking
* Attendance Problem
* Interaction With Strangers


Several hundred practical instructions are given to tackle and overcome all types of stammering and associated problems like :

* Few Relaxation Practices
* Positive Thinking
* Creative Visualization
* Auto Thinking
* Self Consciousness
* Vision Speaking
* Slow Down Strategy
* Auto Hearing
* Recollection Aid
And Many More….


I always take personal care and attention of all the students. I see to it that you understand all the practices and do it correctly and accurately to get the maximum returns for your efforts. I discuss with you your individual specific problems and offer instant effective solution. I talk to you for a long time to identify and remove all the defects in your speaking style so that you get a fluent, confident and quality speaking style. My encouragement and inspiring support boosts up your self confidence and self esteem and transforms you totally into a bold, confident, smart, cheerful person within a short time.


For every student, care is being taken to see whether they are doing the practices correctly. If wrong, they are corrected instantly. The stammering of each individual is different and unique in its own way. Hence it is necessary to analyse each kind of stammering from different angles for different aspects. This helps us to structure and focus the course with a tailor-made flexibility specifically designed to cure the stammering of the individual. This ensures that the treatment is effective and the cure is faster.


Several stammerers complain that I have tried some places to cure it. I had got some improvement but that is lost afterwards thereby coming back to the same sorrow state with stammering. Being well-aware of this fact, I have given a lot of intelligent thoughts and creative planning so that whatever improvement you get will remain intact and further improvement results from doing the practices and following the techniques.


To fulfill my dream of 'STAMMERING-FREE INDIA', these special facilities are offered:

(a) For Students: The best time for the students to attend the course is during summer holidays since there is no class, tuitions, study pressure or tension. They have ample time to practice and attend the centre very freely. If diwali vacation is little longer, they can also attend at that time.
We have introduced a SUMMER SPECIAL CRASH COURSE exclusively for the students. Since there is an excessive rush of the students from all over India during summer holidays, positively book your seat now only.
(b) Interaction with Strangers: The students of the centre, in a group, visit some shopping malls and talk with sales person. In this manner, hesitation, nervousness, shyness and anticipation of blocking can be eliminated and one can talk more freely with everybody. It removes the initial shakiness. Sometimes I myself lead them to initiate talking with different variety of people.
(c) Guidance from Ex-Students: Now and then Ex-Students (those who are cured after attending the course) come to the centre. You are free to interact with them and take practical guidance from them to deal with your problems.
(d) There Is NO Batch System : You can start the course at any day any time. We maintain flexibility about timings within our working hours. You can attend the course at your convenience. Working people are attending the classes mostly on Saturdays and the other days, while doing the practices at home everyday.
(e) Guest House Keeping in mind that Bangalore is one of the costliest cities of India, we have our own bachelor's guest house facilities for outstation candidates at Rs. 200 per day. You can choose to take food according to your own needs and convenience. All varieties of hotels and restaurants are available nearby. For family accommodation, we can arrange according to your choice, requirement and budget. In any case, plan your stay in Bangalore in advance and confirm with us about your requirement well in advance.


The entire environment of the centre is genuinely friendly, homely and helping. Everybody helps, supports, sympathises and encourages each other for mutual improvement of their speech. Here you always feel like a member of this big joint family of Stammering Cure Centre ™, just like staying at home away from home. You can really get to see the team effort where everybody wants to work very hard to get maximum improvement. You can feel the divine force in the centre from the noble work of giving a pleasant and enjoyable new life to stammerers. Over and above all, Partha Bagchi is always there with you – inspiring, guiding, motivating, encouraging and doing everything possible to transform you from a shy, introverted, frustrated person to smart, social, enthusiastic, confident and optimistic personality.



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