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I am really very happy to have a heart to heart communication with you via this website. I specially thank you from the bottom of my heart for your awareness to overcome stammering and the interest shown towards this Centre.

Let This Smile Be On Your Face

Founder President of Stammering Cure Centre

Your Smile Is My Greatest Satisfaction

I pledge to God, the Nation and the people of India to serve them morally, ethically and qualitatively with the motto of "SERVICE TO STAMMERERS ABOVE SELF".

Are You Depressed, Tensed, Humiliated, Frustrated And Lost All Hope In Life Due To Stammering?


Stammering is not a disease, neither is it by birth nor any physical defect.
It is purely a psychological and a bad habitual problem and is easily curable.


Yes, only two weeks! PARTHA BAGCHI an Ex-Stammerer (has suffered severely for 26 years) recipient of SEVEN National Awards, ONE International Award and author of twenty-three exclusive motivational and inspiring books (including STAMMERING A SURE CURE – 200 PAGES – the only practical book in India)


very humble, sympathetic, dedicated his life to the cause of stammering cure since 25 years with full commitment after leaving his long-standing prestigious profession of a Chartered Accountant, your FRIEND PHILOSOPHER AND GUIDE, Offers EXCLUSIVE CRASH COURSE to cure any type of Stammering of any age.

Walk In With Trust & Walk Out With A New Life

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Once you join the course, there is no power on the earth to stop you from speaking fluently, confidently.

A Unique Achievement By An Indian In The World Of Stammering Cure.
Unbelievable but true. We are regularly curing stammering within just two weeks.

Don't Delay! Don't Neglect! Don't Postpone! Take a firm intelligent life-saving decision to join OUR COURSE.
Your first priority in life is stammering cure before you lose many golden opportunities.


This is not any professional website rather it is a heart-to-heart career and life-saving communication from PARTHA BAGCHI who has been humiliated, teased, ignored, uncared for and under-estimated just like you. But ultimately he decided to change things for him and others and won the battle against stammering with his own efforts. Since 25 years he has been dedicated wholeheartedly to serve around 5 crore stammerers of India who are still suffering from several difficulties, frustration, depression and have lost all hope in life due to their stammering.

Read this website to remove wrong ideas and to get correct, factual and practical information about stammering and its cure.

I believe, to solve a particular problem including stammering, there can be several ways. I am absolutely open. If some professionals fail to find a solution for it, it does not guarantee that stammering, which is a psychological and bad habitual problem, not a physical defect or disorder, is incurable. Ignore and avoid all discouraging, demotivating, less knowledgeable and misleading persons and websites. Their 'FREE ADVICES' may spoil your life. On the other hand, I am highly successful in the self developed school of thoughts to cure stammering easily and surely. It's my lone battle against one of the oldest (4000 years old) and the most neglected and ignored problems in the world. If you like to get a Stammering-Free pleasant life, definitely take a serious initiative and immediate action to overcome this disfluency.


A revolution in the ever-neglected and ignored field of stammering cure.

We make your life easier, happier and make it pleasurable, enjoyable, fulfilling and a satisfied one. If you have the dream and vision to be great, YES! I have the techniques to make your dream a reality.


Swami Vivekananda, in his soul-stirring words, once said, "Stand up, be bold and strong, have faith in yourself. Know that you are the creator of your own destiny. All the strength you need is within you." Be firm that we don't want any sympathy, favour or kindness from anybody. Now the time has come to prove to the world that we have got the best talent, skill and capability. History proves the fact. Did you know that these famous had stammering and yet they became famous due to their immaculate expression of their thoughts?

• Moses from Bible
• Demosthenes, the Greek orator
• Aesop, the Greek story-teller
• Claudius, the Roman king
• Aristotle, the Greek philosopher
• King George VI of England
• Isaac Newton, the physicist
• Somerset Maugham, the writer
• Samuel L Jackson, the actor
• Pritam, the music director
• Lewis Carroll, the writer
• Marilyn Monroe, the singer and actress
• Winston Churchill, the Nobel laureate and political leader
• Bruce Willis, the Hollywood actor
• James Earl Jones, the actor and theatre personality
• Jack Welsh, the former CEO of General ElectricCompany(GE)
• Nicole Kidman, the Hollywood actress
• Tiger Woods, the golfer
• Hrithik Roshan, the Bollywood actor
• And the list goes on…

I believe that you also have the full right and all the necessary qualities and the potential to transform yourself into a fluent confident and an excellent speaker within a short period. I have already proved it several thousand times. The only thing you need is the link with me to cure stammering. Now that the link has been established,



I have also passed through a similar period of endless misery, difficulty, humiliation and teasing for 26 years of my life. Like you, I have tried to cure stammering in numerous places and numerous ways and failed repeatedly, thereby concluding that stammering is incurable. Then I desperately tried and finally cured myself using my self-developed techniques. Leaving my longstanding lucrative profession of a Chartered Accountant, I came to this long-neglected field.

It all started with a dream. My one dream has changed the fate of thousands of stammerers all over the world. After having a dream of setting up a stammering cure institute, I was determined to follow my heart. I set up my dream project THE CALCUTTA STAMMERING CURE CENTRE on 1st March, 1990 with the blessings of Mother Teresa and my all time Guruji Swami Vivekananda. In 1997, I took the bold decision of moving to Bangalore and since then, it became STAMMERING CURE CENTRE ™.

Inspite of lot of financial problem, stiff opposition from a particular section of the people whose interests were affected, prolonged bad phase of life, unpredictable future, family responsibilities, I moved on strongly against the turf to see that more and more people get a new life as a fluent speaker. I left my profession of a Chartered Accountant with the intention of devoting my whole time for the care and attention of the students.

Along with this, one serious problem emerged that very strong disbelief amongst them after being cheated number of times with the false promise by some greedy money-minded people with the sole motive of exploiting helpless stammerers. While I faced problem, on the other side the smile on the face of my students after getting cured from stammering who had forgotten how to smile due to their stammering encouraged and inspired me to stay on. I found that the smile on their face is much more satisfying to me than the smile on Gandhiji's face in Indian Currency notes.

I believe from the core of my heart that in that dream God has given me direction to start the Centre for stammering cure and fortunately I had received God's signal correctly. In fact, GOD and I run this Centre and those who attend the course are always getting the blessings from God.

I fought against all odds with jaws tight and am still moving ahead with my new ambitious plans and programmes to fulfil my long-cherished dream of seeing India as a 'Stammering – free country'.



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